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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Another Letter...

Boy...what a red letter day this was...lots of letters in...lots of letters out....a hot and humid day here...not my favorite weather but's summer....
let's pick up that pen or pencil and write a letter....

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Lazy Sunday Afternoon... it is a lazy Sunday afternoon...have been to Church in the morning and out to lunch this afternoon and will be back in Church for a late afternoon prayer service.
What do I do when all my letters have been answered ? It is a good time to reflect on where my letters have gone and all the people I've written to in the past week. They number somewhere between 15 and 20 all as different as can be which makes writing so interesting.
So now I wait to have the responses come in...some days among the bills...magazines...advertisements...there will be a letter and not just one but sometimes half a dozen....I will stop everything and sit down to read and enjoy the happenings in another's life. Day to day things that may seem so common to others but those things make up someone's life.
So Monday marks another day that I look forward to seeing the mailman at the door with his handful of mail...who knows what awaits....:):)

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Rainy Day Writing....

Well here it is another rainy day and a great day for writing letters....I just finished the last letter to answer but my Alice got a letter from her cat friend Daisy-Mae from California. So Alice has to answer her letter.
The postman will not get here until later in the day so who knows what the mail will bring...I hope some more letters....:):):)
The summer edition of The Letter Exchange magazine should be coming out next week. I always look forward to reading that to see if anyone has an interesting listing.
So you all pick up that pen or pencil or whatever and write a letter....:):):)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

More letters to write

This has been another good day for letters coming in and seems to go in cycles...I did some yard work early in the morning...took a break...wrote two letters...did some more yard work...took another break.
I have one letter writer that I call her letters "visits" since they are hand written almost 20 pages...needless to say I don't write that many back and that's ok...we still call our letters "visits" very cool to sit with a glass of ice tea and read of her daily adventures...very cool indeed....
Very cool mailboxes.....:)

Monday, June 3, 2013

Letters to Write...

Well here it is the beginning of June...where is the time going...I'm almost hoping for a rainy day so I can finish writing some letters. It seems as though when it's nice outside I have too much to do in the yard and other projects around the house. And needless to say letter writing gets put on the back burner since I want to do some biking on the rail trail.
I'm anxious for the next edition of The Letter Exchange Magazine to come out....not that I need more people to write to but it is interesting to see who might be new and to see if anyone responds to my listing....the magazine is always a fun read...
So you all out there pick up that pen and paper and write a letter...:)